About posy rae

Posy Rae is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based paper floral company that creates realistic flowers out of Italian Crepe Paper. Founded by Naomi Skaggs, an artist and apparel designer, Posy Rae was established as a way for Naomi to connect her need to create art with her desire to make something that brings beauty and joy to people.

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Raised in the Pacific Northwest by a family of interior designers, architects and engineers, Naomi has been making beautiful things since she was a young girl. Drawing, painting and creating are in her DNA and her refined sense of color and attention to detail were inspired by her parents. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Textile and Apparel Design from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Naomi moved to Milwaukee to begin her career as an Apparel Designer in corporate fashion. While Naomi enjoys developing her professional practice of apparel design, she recognized that she was missing the daily hands on work of creating art. As a result she has chosen to pursue a second avenue as a Paper Florist.

Naomi's love of flowers began at an early age. As a girl she would wander through the gardens in her neighborhood picking flowers and making arrangements to give to family and friends. It was the giving of those arrangements and the smiles on her loved ones faces that inspired her most. The personal connection between creating something and sharing it with another individual is Naomi's motivation for Posy Rae. Her small apartment in Milwaukee has become a design studio and is full of paper, scraps, glue and a collection of second hand vases filled with paper flowers. Now that Naomi has Posy Rae she can't stop creating! And she hopes her paper flowers will bring joy and beauty to all who see them.